Hello, and welcome to my website!

My name is John Idell, and I am a published photographer who is deeply rooted in the South, where I find endless inspiration for my work. I've grown up amidst this rich backdrop of Southern culture and have witnessed firsthand the complexities and beauty of this region. I am currently based within Athens, Georgia, and I am privileged to call this vibrant city my home. The Classic City's dynamic atmosphere and historical significance have strongly influenced and continue to shape my artistic vision.
In my photography, I aim to transcend the often problematically romanticized imagery typically associated with the South. Instead, I'd rather offer insight into its tumultuous history and vibrant present despite these shortcomings. Through a blend of my own artistic vision, and personal insight, I strive to authentically depict Southern life, capturing the intricate narratives that define our collective identity. With each photograph, I seek to challenge stereotypes and evoke thought-provoking conversations about the true essence of the South. My goal is not only to document but also to illuminate some of the dynamic relationships inherent in Southern culture, including those involving land, labor, law, protest, kinship, ritual, food, and more—just to name a few—elements that converge to create its mosaic. By sharing these stories through my lens, I hope to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the rich tapestry of traditions and identities that make the South truly unique.